Horse Stewardship Fund

Carlisle Charitable Foundation’s new Horse Stewardship Fund supports expenses for the working therapy animals – namely those program horses who form the core of the Academy’s four-legged staff - contributing life-giving, therapeutic benefits to dozens of lives each day. The fund will ensure that daily care is properly supported with dedicated staff and uninterrupted services (veterinarian, farrier, dentistry, health supplements), despite the undulations of seasonal enrollment or the interruptions resulting from the COVID-19 pandemic.

These service horses are among over 7,900 equines represented within 850 PATH, International equine-assisted therapy programs across the country. Both peer-reviewed research and anecdotal evidence show that these service equines facilitate profound healing and rehabilitation, and bring joy to thousands of participants nationally. Carlisle’s horses, themselves, touch over 250 lives each year, and their lives should not only be celebrated, but stewarded with the utmost care.

Become a CCF Horse Steward today!

Please contribute to the care of the herd, particularly during this pandemic and while Carlisle Academy’s program income has been significantly impacted. Your donation is sincerely appreciated!

Thank you card of Onyx
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