“Tucker’s stability and core strength have improved so much already this year. His language is exploding with clear full sentences. He looks forward to his weekly trip to the barn despite the hard work. Tucker loves interacting with the amazing staff and is always game to try new things. I imagine continuing growth and development throughout the summer….”
-Mother of 3-year-old Hippotherapy Student

“… the best response he has had [to treatment] was when he participated in Hippotherapy at Carlisle Academy. I highly recommend him for another session so he may continue to heal through its assistance. Thank you for what you do! I hope more veterans get connected with your amazing curriculum.”
— Nurse Practitioner, Southern Maine VA Clinic

“…I’ve written before of the myriad benefits of Carlisle’s Hippotherapy program, and its staff and animals…but I haven’t mentioned before the wholeness that is Cal when the farm is part of his weekly routine. He is simply fuller, more confident, just more….”
-Mother of 12-year-old Hippotherapy Student

“Eliza has participated in lessons at Carlisle Academy for a year now. Her skills are improving, as is her confidence and passion for riding. We have really seen a dramatic difference in her attitude and overall outlook….”
-Mother of 8-year-old Saddle Club Student

Kayla Blue Ribbon

“Kayla continues to ‘surprise’ us with her progress, love of riding, and relationship with Onyx. She has gained confidence since returning this Spring, and it is wonderful to watch her independently navigate the arena! Once again, it is a therapy that addresses her whole person—physical core strength, social skills, communication, and pure love of riding.”
-Mother of 14-year-old Adaptive Riding Student